PO Box 810
3520 Fairlanes
Grandville, MI  49468-0810
IFCA International is a Fellowship of churches and Christian workers committed to biblical ministry. What does this mean?
We are a co-worker in ministry which provides not only fellowship, but the means for cooperative ministry efforts for independent churches. IFCA International was founded in 1930 in Cicero, Illinois as The Independent Fundamental Churches of America to provide fellowship, encouragement, and identification for the independent church and men of like faith. Our history is rich with an emphasis on historic fundamental doctrinal distinctives, evangelistic zeal and missionary vision. Today our Fellowship offers the same valuable benefits and care to a new generation of independent churches and pastors worldwide.
IFCA International establishes an organizational structure to coordinate and encourage joint participation in ministry activities.  IFCA International provides this while guaranteeing the autonomy of congregational government.  The Constitution and By-Laws of the Fellowship provide for a voluntary membership for churches, organizations and individuals.  Membership is reaffirmed annually.
We have nearly 1000 associated churches in the United States and up to three times that number of associated churches in 26 countries outside the U.S.  We have over 1000 individual members who are pastors, missionaries, college and seminary professors, chaplains and other vocational Christian workers. Here in the U.S we have 5 member colleges/Bible Colleges, 11 home mission agencies, and 12 church planting agencies in the United States. We also have eight foreign mission agencies ministering outside the U.S.
IFCA International seeks to be an ethnically blended fellowship of men and churches, reflecting the diversity of the Body of Christ. We are committed to working together in Biblical ministry worldwide.
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