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Application Information

Process for Membership Application 


IFCA International membership is available to churches, organizations, men involved in vocational Christian ministry and Christian laymen, who are free from any denominational affiliations, in agreement with this Fellowship's doctrinal statement and who are like-minded with us in regard to our Mission, Vision and Purpose.


In order to make application for membership, the following steps should be taken:


1.  Review our Doctrinal, Mission, Vision and Purpose statements to ensure that you are in agreement.


2.  Complete the appropriate membership form and send it, with the required specified application fee and photograph, to the address indicated on the form. Membership forms can be downloaded in PDF format, requested by e-mail, or by calling IFCA headquarters (800-347-1840).


The Credentials Committee meets during the first week of each month to consider and act on applications that are complete, including all reference forms.


Individual Membership Notes:

References are required for vocational and lay membership, two of which must be IFCA International members. If you do not know any IFCA International members, your application may still be submitted along with six personal references from men who are actively engaged in Christian ministry.


The most common cause for delays in processing applications is the failure of references to respond in a timely manner to the reference forms that will be sent to them from the IFCA International office upon receipt of your application.  To ensure prompt processing of your application, please communicate with those whom you give as references and ask them to respond quickly when they receive those forms.


Church Membership Note:

Please read the policy containing special requirements for churches applying for membership in IFCA International.


International Applications Note: 
Membership is available to international men provided there are TWO (2) current IFCA International members who will provide a satisfactory reference to the Credentials Committee.


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