Miriam Lofquist, Editor
PO Box 810
Grandville , MI  49468
Reader Comments
My dear husband passed away after 57 years of marriage. Thank you so much for publishing CHERA Fellowship for widows and widowers. It is the only publication I know of especially for 'us'.
MW in Michigan

I do miss my dear loving husband so much and as I read how some other widows are experiencing their grief, it really helps me to feel I am not alone in missing my loved one. May the Lord continue to bless you and give you and the staff for CHERA wisdom and strength in this ministry of love.
CC Missouri

Thank you for sending as a gift CHERA to my friend whose husband died recently. I know that it will be a great help to her during this time. I appreciate the comfort the Lord has sent my way through this magazine and want to share it with my friend.
DQ Washington

Thanks for another issue of CHERA Fellowship magazine. It has been a help for me and for my daughter who also lost her husband to illness.
LN Iowa

Thank you for sending CHERA Fellowship to our friend who recently became a widower. The magazine has been of great benefit to me and I know it will help our friend.
TP Penn

Your CF magazine arrived in our mailbox today. Of course I couldn’t wait to read it from cover to cover. I find the articles and the Bible studies to be such a blessing. Keep on passing along God’s comfort.
Jan OH

Thank you for sending me the CHERA Fellowship publication. I never thought I would be left a widow. So many years I had pneumonia every winter and my husband was always healthy and on the move. I am clinging to the promises of God’s Word. God bless you.
  Marie CA

Thank you so much for sending me the magazine. This past issue with “The Weaver” poem on the front has been such a blessing to me. I have read through the entire magazine twice. God bless.