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I really believe that good stewardship requires that a church website be an extension of the church's ministry.  It needs to be more than a fancy electronic yellow pages ad.  It ought be used as a dynamic tool to minister to the saints and provide a point of outreach to the lost.  I also recognize that technical limitations make the achievement of such a goal a difficult thing for many churches.  After struggling to create and maintain multiple websites while keeping them fresh and professional looking with several different HTML and CSS editors, a few years ago I stumbled across Finalweb. 

Finalweb is truly the best product I have seen in terms of putting the creation and maintenance of professional looking websites on a level that just about anyone can learn.  Ease of use, an impressive variety of features, fast and friendly tech support (though rarely needed) make this product a hands down winner.  Oh, did I mention the price?  I couldn’t afford NOT to have Finalweb and use it for multiple websites.  It saves me time and it saves me money!  I encourage you to check it out for yourself!  
- Web Admin

P.S.: For accounts established through the links on these pages, at no cost to you, a portion of FinalWeb's fee will be designated toward the missionary support of MCE's Administrative Director/IFCA Outsource Services Provider, Tim Jeske. Contact him for more information and to discover how to get IFCA discount rates.


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