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» Your Heart in the New Year
At the start of this New Year, I have been doing a great deal of thinking about pride, brokenness and the man of God. In Deuteronomy 8:14, Moses warned the people against having a proud heart, using the Hebrew word rĂ»m which is elsewhere used about an upraised formation of rocks. The imagery is vivid: […]

» Operational Procedures of Prayer
In addition to the Scripture’s teaching regarding a balanced menu of prayer (see previous post), the Scriptures provide us with some important standard operational procedures. The Army calls these SOP’s. If believers are going to have an effective prayer ministry, they need to keep these biblical SOP’s constantly before them. The Operational Procedures of Prayer There are at least four standard […]

» A Balanced Menu of Prayer
There are at least five different kinds of prayer revealed in 1 Timothy 2:1, along with 1 John 1:9. All of them should be incorporated into our prayer life. Supplication The first kind of prayer listed in 1 Timothy 2:1 is supplication. The first six letters “supply” indicate the significance of this word. We are to pray about the supplying of our […]

» The Privilege & Responsibility of Prayer
Most believers are aware of the importance Scripture places on the exercise of prayer. Most would agree that believers should pray “without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and need lengthy seasons of prayer (Matthew 26:36-42), but are unaware of how to implement these principles in daily life. In fact, saints are often unaware of some of the very basic data concerning their privilege and responsibility […]

» A Balance in Missions
Maintaining balance is hard in ministry.  All pastors will admit how difficult it is to stay balanced in our ministries and in our churches. Rabbit trails, diversions, hobbyhorses, obstacles, and blind spots await all of us if we’re not constantly focused on keeping our balance. Missionary outreach is one aspect of ministry I have carefully observed over the last three […]

» From Eternity to Eternity: Our Link with God’s Sovereign Work
God has eternally existed, completely sufficient in Himself with perfect fellowship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In this holy relationship there is nothing lacking, nothing incomplete, nothing needed. Yet for some incomprehensible reason, God desired to lavish His love on the creation He planned and include mankind in His perfect fellowship. So He created time and […]

» New Year … New Habits
“No one puts new wine in old wineskins …” — Mark 2: 22 A Jewish man moved into a Catholic neighborhood and it was his Friday night custom to grill steaks while his Catholic neighbors salivated over the tantalizing aroma of char broiled beef while they ate their fish. Some of them appealed to the […]

» Have a Blessed New Year!

» Great Commission Results
The Scriptures clearly teach that the Church has been charged with the responsibility to reach all the peoples of the earth with the Gospel.  Are you a part of God’s working plan to do that? Do you want to be? THE END RESULT OF THE GREAT COMMISSION God has chosen local churches—your church—as the focal point of His […]

» Christmas from the Mother’s and Fathers’ Perspectives
During the Christmas season, we enjoy the traditions of our family celebration of the holiday. It is such a wonderful time of the year, the favorite part of the calendar for most in America. To help keep a balanced, Bible-centered holiday, it is essential for us to consider that first Christmas two thousand years ago. And it is […]