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» Apologetics and evangelism
By “apologetics” we don’t mean apologizing. By “arguments” we don’t mean arguing! The English word “apologetics” comes from the Greek word meaning to defend, to make a reply or to give an answer as in a courtroom defense. An argument … Continue reading

» Watching The Lights Come On
SUBDIVISION MISSION FIELD Oak Village is a quiet little subdivision that was carved out of the woods northeast of Atlanta about 15 years ago. Trees that echo the voices of squealing children flank its winding lanes. It’s a nice place … Continue reading

» 3 Effects of the Smartphone on the Great Commission
The technological revolution is real and its growth continues to propel us through life at a rate that cannot be grasped by our finite minds. That growth has happened so fast that we are only now starting to comprehend some … Continue reading

» A story of an evangelistic Bible study
A HOME BIBLE STUDY  After 14 months of building relationships, we floated the idea of a neighborhood family Bible study with our neighbor, April.  She said she would love to have one, and she felt several others would be interested … Continue reading

» Evangelism makes it healthier for everyone
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones noted that the thrust of a Christian’s spiritual life seems to be determined by the thrust of their conversion experience. One who is cajoled into the kingdom with little information will have to be cajoled throughout their … Continue reading

» Biblically Anchored; Culturally Flexible
In the old days, an Arapaho chief facing battle would stake himself to a spot of ground so as not to run or give ground in battle.  He would tie his leg to a 4 to 6-foot tether that was … Continue reading

Possibly one of the best known and most quoted verses of scripture is 1 Corinthians 10:31: “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” The context of this verse is about … Continue reading

» The Lord of the Board
A Really Cool Idea While skiing in Quebec, Canada during the winter of 1992, my ski partner commented several times throughout the day, “I wish that they would get those silly toys off this ski slope!”  He was referring, of … Continue reading

» Six ways to do evangelism
The New Testament gives examples of at least six different approaches to evangelism PROCLAMATIONAL (Acts 2:14-39; Acts 17:22-31) Giving a public statement of the truth of the gospel in the church or in public but realize it may fail to … Continue reading

» The Myths of Evangelism #1: People Aren’t Interested
When it comes to evangelism, Christians have convinced themselves of a reality that doesn’t exist. We seem to be employing the well-known saying, “If you say something enough times, then it must be true.” Over the years we have developed … Continue reading