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Fire In My Bones

» Have A Mighty Christmas!
Wish a “Merry Christmas” to folks in the marketplace these days and you will likely get varied reactions.  Some have been told by corporate officials that they must not say “Merry Christmas” in return but must at best say “Happy Holidays”.  Other responses may range from “Thank-you, the same to you,” to “Yeah, I’ll be […]

» Higher Education for a Christian – Part 1
Christians invest a great deal of resources on higher education. We are often passionate about the schools we graduated from and we care deeply about what’s happening back on their campus. We spend large amounts of money. We subject our children to years of academic discipline and we make significant sacrifices for them to get […]

» Changes for “Fire in My Bones” Readers
IFCA International is making some adaptations and changes to the various communication channels that it uses in ministry.  One of them involved a consolidation of the blog “Fire in My Bones” with the pre-existing blog “Wavelengths” and using the Wavelengths theme.  If you got here by entering the old URL or using an old link […]

» Does Methodology Matter?
Does it matter what methods or strategies you use on the mission field? A verse that seems to shed light on that question is I Corinthians 9:22b “that I might by all means save some.” Some take this verse to mean that methods are neutral and “anything goes.” Others take this verse to mean that […]

» Training Hands and Heart
There are three components to preparing someone for ministry: the head, the hands, and the heart (academics, skills, character). Our western model of education is weighted toward the head (academics). It is possible to graduate from college or seminary but not know “HOW” to do the ministry. Good grades are enough to secure the sheep skin. Yet there […]

» Our Most Important Priority
The Christian life is made up of so many important activities, how does a church determine its top priorities? Evangelism, global missions, church planting, worship, Bible study, stewardship, fellowship, serving others, nurturing children in the faith, encouraging strong marriages and family… all of these, and many more, vital activities cry out for attention in our […]

» Riding a Bicycle with One Leg
Can you imagine riding a bicycle with one leg? It could work, but it sure would be challenging. With two legs, you press down with your right foot and bring your left foot around to press down with that one. While one leg is doing the work, the next one is getting ready to go […]

» Will We Ever Get Along?
Matt. 2:18 “A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children; and she refused to be comforted, because they were no more.” Another black teenager is dead. Another Rachel, another mother, and another family grieves. When his known killer was not arrested, half of a nation reeled in anger […]

» Lord, Throw Them Out of the Church!
If Jesus were teaching a seminar on Matthew 9.38 today we might almost expect Him to say, “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few, so: Let the pastors preach dynamic sermons; Let committees meet and make great plans; Let the people read books and attend conferences.” I find it striking that Jesus did not […]

» What About Him?
In John 21, the Lord Jesus was about to re-commission the Apostle Peter after Peter’s three-fold denial of Christ just weeks before. Our Lord gave Peter the opportunity to make a three-fold reaffirmation of his love for Christ. Then the Lord Jesus issued to Peter a threefold command: “Feed My lambs … Tend My sheep … Feed My […]

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