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Fire In My Bones

Most presentations of the gospel focus on the cross. People definitely need to understand their lostness and how Jesus paid the price for their sins. There are plenty of illustrations we use for the substitutionary atonement. We can wax eloquent … Continue reading

Imagine you are standing in line at an airport, getting ready to get on the plane. The person behind you starts talking about their fear of flying. Then they come right out and asks you… “could you tell me how … Continue reading

» Insanity!
Someone has said that insanity is doing what you always have done but expect different results. Are you getting the results you want in evangelism in your church?  Please stop for a moment in your busy schedule and ask yourself … Continue reading

» Is everyone a missionary?
It is sometimes said that “everyone is a missionary” (or should be).  The argument is that everyone in the church should view themselves involved in the Great Commission.  It could be debated if everyone should be called a missionary (otherwise, … Continue reading

One of the major reasons why people do not witness is because of fear. Most of us don’t really have anything to be afraid of. We are not going to be persecuted or killed if we give the gospel. At … Continue reading

» Missed opportunities
The conversation was casual and relaxed. It wandered effortlessly to spiritual topics. This person talked about a Bible study they were attending and how helpful it was to them. They commented about creating new friends and how close they had … Continue reading

» It takes time
“Yes, Lord; I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who is coming into the world.” John 11:27   This was the testimony of the Samaritan woman concerning her salvation experience and also the recent testimony of … Continue reading

» What’s my responsibility?
When surrounded by “religious” people, sharing the gospel can feel pointless. My next-door neighbors are active Hindus on one side, and faithful Muslims on the other. Directly across the street lives a family practicing a form of Judaism. When I … Continue reading

You are comfortable in your recliner and the door bell rings. When you open the door it is instantly obvious that the duo in front of you are either Mormons or Jehovah’s witnesses. What is you first reaction? If you … Continue reading

» One thing a leader cannot delegate
Good leaders delegate. They pick and choose how they spend their time. They understand their time is limited and to focus on only the things that they can best do. They know what to pass on to someone else to accomplish. The … Continue reading