» 10 Top Teaching Tips for Children’s Ministry
You love God. You love kids. You’re devoted to helping children grow in Christ-likeness. But are there ways you can become even more effective? Here are ten teaching tips that can help you become more efficient and effective. 1. Teach the Bible. God’s Word matters most, so make sure that the Scriptures remain your lesson centerpiece. As you instruct the kids, keep your Bible open and refer to it during the lesson. Show your children how to glean insights from their own Bibles. 2. Teach from “known” to “unknown.” Children are much more likely to grasp a new concept when

» Quintessential Questions—Who Are You?
(Part 2 of a Series) This series delves into two essential topics: God and people. When children know who God really is and what He says about who they really are, they can confidently navigate faith and life. Kids must know both the Lord and themselves intimately—not superficially. God matters most. Learning about the Lord is more important (and more rewarding) than anything else we can do! People matter to God. People who truly grasp what God says about their identity finally understand who they are and how to live. The question, “Who are you?” follows naturally from the previous

» Great Parents Walk with God
“I can’t take one more ‘why’ question,” Lela lamented to Martin, her husband. Lela’s day had been fraught with frustration. She and the kids had been locked out of the house for an hour; a neighbor finally called Martin who let them back in. Throughout the day, each time Lela had asked her daughter to clean up, to help her brother, or to eat her spaghetti, Marisa let out a whiney and sad, “Why?” The final straw was Marisa’s all-out tantrum. “I’m drowning here!” Lela sobbed. Martin hugged his wife, assuring her they were “doing their best.” As the holidays

IFCA International's interest in enhancing the strength of the Church by equipping for and encouraging toward ministry partnerships to accomplish Great Commission objectives extends even to the level of the children in our churches.  Today's children are tomorrow's Church leaders and we believe it is essential to begin at an early age to prepare them for that responsibility.  Strong foundations, laid in the lives of children, will provide a solid basis for carrying on Great Commission ministry in the decades ahead.

With that in mind, we are pleased to have DiscipleLand as a Great Commission partner in ministry.  We heartily recommend the materials they provide for children's ministry in the local church.


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