» ABCs of Family Discipleship—Nurture Your Roots
Discipleship Truth: God encourages His followers to remember their family heritage and to build a spiritual legacy. Moses exhorted the Israelites to treasure their identity as God’s beloved, chosen people (Deuteronomy 7:6-9). After they settled into the Promised Land, Joshua commanded all 12 tribes to preserve property boundaries and maintain their family lineage (Joshua 24:13-15). True Story: My father regaled us with story after story from the research he was doing. He hoped to trace each branch of the family tree as far back as possible. Our varied and colorful ancestry spanned across a millennium and several continents. The most

» Preschool Pointers: Your Children, Classroom, and Expectations
Managing all the variables in preschool ministry can be challenging. To anticipate and resolve most issues, focus on these three items: know your children, foster an inviting environment, and establish clear expectations.   Your Children God made each child in your class uniquely for His glory. Therefore, expect variety rather than uniformity. Every teacher’s timeless challenge is to discover how to bring out the best in every child. It is rarely easy, but very rewarding. By the time children complete their fifth year, 85% of their essential personalities have been formed. Encourage your teaching team to take time to learn

» 3 Ways Parents Help Their Child Succeed TODAY!
In this helpful article, Greg Baird outlines three practical ways to help children be successful in everyday life. As parents, one of our overriding desires is to see our children be successful. Maybe it’s for a small child to be successful in learning new behaviors. Or it might be that we want them to be successful in school. Maybe it’s in a sport they play, or growing in their faith. Or perhaps it’s simply a desire to see them happy and fulfilled. Whatever that desire for success looks like, most parents are “all in” to help their child. That might

IFCA International's interest in enhancing the strength of the Church by equipping for and encouraging toward ministry partnerships to accomplish Great Commission objectives extends even to the level of the children in our churches.  Today's children are tomorrow's Church leaders and we believe it is essential to begin at an early age to prepare them for that responsibility.  Strong foundations, laid in the lives of children, will provide a solid basis for carrying on Great Commission ministry in the decades ahead.

With that in mind, we are pleased to have DiscipleLand as a Great Commission partner in ministry.  We heartily recommend the materials they provide for children's ministry in the local church.


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