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Strategic Statements
  IFCA International
Mission Statement

Our mission is to glorify God by providing an arena for independent churches and organizations to participate interdependently in the common cause of advancing biblically authentic, dynamic, compassionate Christianity to all people groups.


IFCA International
Vision Statement

We envision ourselves as the Fellowship of choice for independent churches and organizations, desiring to prayerfully work together in the spirit of interdependence.


IFCA International
Purpose Statement

Enhancing the strength of the Church by equipping for, and encouraging toward ministry partnerships to achieve Great Commission objectives.


IFCA International
Statement of Ambition
We aspire to become healthy churches who work together.

IFCA International
Core Values
  • Biblical Doctrine

Contemporary importance of the historic Fundamentals 

  • Biblical Leadership
Christ-like integrity, humility, zeal, and sacrifice
  •  Biblical Outreach
Evangelism at home and abroad
  • Biblical Partnerships
Accomplishing more together than separately  
  • Biblical Excellence
Doing the best we can for His glory
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