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Chera Fellowship

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"Chera" is the Greek word used in the New Testament for "widow." 
CHERA Fellowship is a quarterly magazine published by IFCA International
for those whose spouse has died. 

The articles contained in the issues of this magazine are written with the widow/widower in mind
and they seek to bring comfort, encouragement and helpful thoughts and suggestions for dealing
with the adjustments of life required in their circumstances.

Find A Quiet Place
My Dear Child,
Come with Me to a Quiet Place. Let Me shower you with love and grace.
Here is a quiet the world does not know. A place where your faith is sure to grow.
Empty your heart of its worldly care. Come to Me, I'm ready to share.

In this Quiet Place talk to Me. I already know what is to be.
You worry in vain; there's nothing to do,
This is between just Me and you. Can't you see? This is My plan, 
Not to be questioned by mortal man.

This Quiet Place is a place of rest. Give yourself up; you will be blessed.
Listen now, it's easy to see, I'm waiting for you to come to Me.
To this place, return each day: I'm ready to listen when you pray.

I am your loving Father.

Mark 6:31 "And He said to them, 'Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile."

By ShirLee Taylor