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Becoming a VISION WORLD Church
The process for becoming identified as a VISION WORLD church is a simple one consisting of four basic commitments that each VISION WORLD church is asked to make:
  • The Pastor will regularly preach on the role and importance of the local church in identifying and training missionaries at home and abroad; particularly in the ministry of church planting.
  • The church will pray intentionally and fervently that God would raise up, from their congregation, a missionary church planter headed for a foreign field.
  • The church will seek to identify at least one individual who will commit to, if the Lord wills, becoming a missionary overseas at sometime in the future. This person may be a teenager who still needs to prepare at a Bible College or Seminary. He/she could be a 34 year old “tentmaker,” a retired person or a current vocational missionary.
  • The church will proactively coach,encourage and assist its potential missionaries to get to the mission field.

The pastor of a VISION WORLD church is asked to communicate on two special occasions with IFCA International.
  • First, when it enrolls as a VISION WORLD church by making the four commitments listed above.
  • Secondly, when it has identified an individual from the congregation who is headed for a ministry as a vocational international missionary.