Miriam Lofquist, Editor
PO Box 810
Grandville , MI  49468
A Word for the Recent Widow
Most women who have just recently experienced the death of their husband, are not quite prepared for the many changes that suddenly occur in their lives.  You may still be numb from the shock, resisting reality, wondering why this had to happen now, or just getting through each day with so much pain you aren't sure what to do next. 
Among the IFCA International family, there are many women who have gone through much of what you are experiencing.  Some of them have expressed an interest in being a source of encouragement and help to you in any way they can.  If you are interested in connecting with some of these women by phone, letter, or through email, please e-mail Miriam.  If you would prefer to call and talk to someone, call our Home Office and ask for Miriam at (616) 531-1840 and she will be more than happy to connect you with others who have walked through "the valley of the shadow of death."   We call these people "Supporting Pillars" because during this time you need additional support, help, an understanding friend ... so, please contact us.