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Welcome to the IFCA PRESS Bookstore.  This is the place to purchase books and other materials that are available through IFCA International.  Before ordering from the Bookstore please read carefully the notice below on how shipping and handling charges are processed.  You will be asked to acknowledge having read and agreed to these terms before your order can be accepted.
ALL orders will be routinely shipped through the United States Postal Service Ground Shipping.  If you require alternative shipping arrangements, please contact the IFCA Home Office, BEFORE you order, with those details (616.531.1840).
When you place your order you will be charged a shipping and handling DEPOSIT on the following scale:
Order Amount S&H Deposit
up to 49.99 5.00
50.00 - 99.99 10.00
100.00 - 149.99 15.00
Greater than 150.00 20.00
If the actual shipping and handling charges amount to more than the deposit, depending on the amount of the difference,  you may be invoiced for the charges in excess of your deposit.

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