Networked Resources*
Counseling:   Our Home Office Staff and Regional Leadership teams are able to  direct you to experienced members who can counsel you in finding solutions to problems of programming, financial matters, and issues of ministry organization and structure.

Placement: Churches and pastors take advantage of our networking referral lists in seeking pastors and pulpits. Interim pastors are made available through related member ministries.

Membership Directory: An attractive Membership Directory, containing information on member churches, organizations, and individuals, is published every other year.

Web Page: A state of the art web page provides a wealth of resource materials and serves as a center for communication and information for our membership and interested individuals and churches. Visit us at <> and peruse the wealth of resources there.

Information and Assistance: Resources for the independent church and pastor are provided through counsel, organizational materials, training conferences, and partnership in ministry in countries around the world. Exemption status with the Internal Revenue Service is automatic for every member church.

Supplementary Financial Assistance in Retirement: A program to enable interested and concerned individuals or churches to contribute toward the assistance of approved retirement age IFCA International brothers by specific and designated giving to IFCA International Benevolence Committee. Our retired pastors are especially grateful for this service.
Crisis Assistance: Special help in times of personal and community crisis is made though our Benevolence program. This has been of tremendous assistance to victims of the Asian Tsunami (December 2004) and Hurricane Katrina (August 2005). We were able to target considerable resources (nearly $900,000) given by our constituency  to assist in relief efforts through IFCA International affiliated churches and individuals in those areas. We continued similar joint efforts more recently in Manipur, India and their famine in 2009; Haiti, following their earthquake in 2010, Japan, following their tsumani in 2011, and The Philippines, following their typhoon in 2013.