Fellowship with like-minded believers is an important part of a healthy Christian life.  The support, encouragement, cross-pollination and life-sharing that are part of fellowship are an essential element to personal and ministry development.  IFCA International members have access to a variety of opportunities for such fellowship where an added bonus is the development of rich, life-long friendships with people who live all over the world.

Annual Conventions offer opportunities for fellowship and growth with others of like precious faith from all
parts of the world.  Sessions and workshops of vital interest to the believer and the local church are offered including seminars dealing with youth, children’s, women’s and pastoral ministries as well as issues relevant to church leadership.

Regional meetings and conferences include stimulating challenges from God’s Word and interactive discussion regarding creative approaches to addressing ministry needs and challenges.  Encouraging fellowship is one of the strengths of these gatherings.

An annual Youth Convention equips students for meaningful spiritual ministry and encourages them to use what they learn in their local church.  It sets the direction for Regional rallies, camps and training seminars throughout the year, challenging young people to Christ-like living and service.  It is also an equipping venue for youth leaders, helping them to be more effective in ministering to today’s youth.