Public Safety Chaplains
One great opportunity for pastors is that of the Public Safety Chaplaincy.   All across America pastors have discovered a tremendous opportunity to reach their community for Jesus Christ . . . serving as a Fire, Police, Prison, Jail, or Rescue Chaplain.  

As Chaplain, you will be able to ride with our police, sheriff, troopers, fire, and rescue personnel.  You will sense the pulse of the community . . You will see what they see . . hear what they hear!  You will be their counselor, pastor, and friend.  You will know their pain and struggles . . and you will comfort them. 

You will be there when devastating news is delivered to a loving parent or spouse.

YOU will be able to tell them of the Good News of Jesus Christ.   Like a Military Chaplain, you will wear a badge or uniform because you are part of their great team.  

For sure,  your church ministry will be transformed, renewed, and energized by serving as a Public Safety Chaplain.   If you know of a local agency needing a Chaplain, why not contact us right now.  

BCC provides the expertise, guidance, and credentialing you will need to become a Chaplain.  Call us now . . .we can help!
Reaching the Community Through Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
"What are you doing to reach your community?"  Pastor Clegguart Mitchell shares how that challenging question from a colleague changed his ministry.
Ministry as a Police Chaplain
IFCA NEWS Connection article from March, 2010 - by Pastor Clegguart Mitchell
Meyer, Gaydos, Harris Interview
BCC Director, Rob Meyer interviews Law Enforcement Chaplains, Ken Gaydos and Larry Harris at the 2010  I.C.P.C. Chaplain's Conference in San Diego CA.
Testimony of Clegguart Mitchell
Iowa State Patrol Chaplain, given at the 2010 IFCA International Convention.
Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Interview
Director Rob Meyer interviews Leonard Hale, Civil Air Patrol Chaplain in Kansas City area.