Healthcare Chaplains

An Exceptional Ministry

IFCA International is a recognized Religious Endorsing Body, empowered to endorse Chaplains for civilian service as well as the military.  Our goal is to produce an exceptional corps of chaplains for the healthcare ministry, by recruiting, encouraging, guiding and enveloping them in a culture where the pursuit of the exceptional is the norm.

Jon Yarian, and IFCA Healthcare Chaplain, sat with Rob Meyer and Joe Smith to talk with them about the ministry of a healthcare chaplain.  You are invited to
sit in on that discussion by using the video links below.

If you have a sense that the Lord is nudging you to enquire more about this, contact us at the IFCA International office. It would be our joy to assist you in sorting out the Lord’s direction for you, and there is no cost or obligation for this service.
View the Video Clips of that Discussion Below

The Experience of a Healthcare Chaplain



The Process of Becoming a Healthcare Chaplain




Healthcare Chaplaincy - A Personal Testimony
IFCA International/BCC Healthcare Chaplain, Jon Yarian shares his personal perspective on being a Healthcare Chaplain.
Challenge of Hospital Chaplaincy
IFCA International Director of Healthcare Chaplaincy Joe Smith shares the unique challenges of serving as a hospital chaplain as well as how to minister as a hospital chaplain.