» Prayer Blessing for Teachers
Prayer Blessing For Teachers As the new school year begins, it is our hope and prayer that God fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. We pray that your classroom is a haven of love and peace where children, coworkers, and parents discover His grace and truth. Lord, thank You for every new teacher as they begin this new school year. Thank You for their ministry to Your children. Sustain them in health: strong in body, mind, and spirit to move in faith with patience and expectation. Protect them and keep them. Encourage

» 7 Reasons to Be a Disciple-Making Church
by Rick Howerton 1 Churches across the globe have begun to realize the importance of the biblical mandate to make disciples (Matt. 28:19–20) and are imagining the transformation of the lives and culture where their church exists. Church leaders are dreaming of a congregation and community saturated with mature followers of Christ willing to do whatever it takes to further God’s Kingdom. Some have asked, “Why would I want to lead my church to become a disciple-making church when the people I lead are happy with the status quo?” There are many undeniable and essential reasons. 1. The western church is

» What Kids REALLY Need
Where are today’s Christian kids? Once upon a time, Christian parents asked their children after church, “What did you learn about God?” Today, the question is often, “Did you have fun?” Not too long ago, churches offered Bible training for all ages—wanting to fully equip children to serve Christ. Today, many churches offer high-energy, entertainment-based programs—wanting to keep kids happy and to make recruiting easy. Children rarely use their Bibles. As a result, children today: know more about video games than they know about God love peer approval more than they love Jesus serve themselves before they consider the needs

IFCA International's interest in enhancing the strength of the Church by equipping for and encouraging toward ministry partnerships to accomplish Great Commission objectives extends even to the level of the children in our churches.  Today's children are tomorrow's Church leaders and we believe it is essential to begin at an early age to prepare them for that responsibility.  Strong foundations, laid in the lives of children, will provide a solid basis for carrying on Great Commission ministry in the decades ahead.

With that in mind, we are pleased to have DiscipleLand as a Great Commission partner in ministry.  We heartily recommend the materials they provide for children's ministry in the local church.


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