» 7 Things to Show Parents You Care
Veteran Children’s Pastor Barney Kinard provides seven practical keys that will help you improve your serve. Please share with your team.__ We all talk about partnering with parents, but what does that look like for the teacher? How is it that teachers can partner with the parents of the children in their class? It is quite easy to concentrate on the lesson preparation and class management each week while ignoring any meaningful involvement with the parents. Here are seven things that any involved parent would appreciate knowing about your ministry. 1. Your Interest: Parents want to know how interested you

» Encourage Your Volunteers: One-Minute Motivators
With the start of a new school year, there is simply too much to do! Urgent phone calls to parents, issues with curriculum, classroom decorations, and promotional events all press for your time. Caring for volunteers often falls to the bottom of the priority pile. Though preparation and planning are valuable aspects of leading a ministry, you cannot afford to neglect the health and welfare of your volunteer team. Taking time to connect with teachers and staff leaders is an irreplaceable part of retaining people who serve in the children’s ministry. To encourage your team, start using these simple “one

» Transformational Discipleship
“Many churches equate discipleship with knowledge … but the essence of discipleship is transformational not informational. Jesus did not merely ask us to teach everything He commanded. He asked us to teach people to obey everything He commanded, and the difference is massive (Matthew 28:19). The end result of discipleship is not merely the knowledge of all Jesus commanded but the obedience to all Jesus commanded.” 1 Greg Baird poses this pivotal question regarding children: “Are you practicing informational discipleship in your ministry, or transformational discipleship?” 2 Baird continues, “Informational discipleship is focused on delivering content to kids. Bible stories,

IFCA International's interest in enhancing the strength of the Church by equipping for and encouraging toward ministry partnerships to accomplish Great Commission objectives extends even to the level of the children in our churches.  Today's children are tomorrow's Church leaders and we believe it is essential to begin at an early age to prepare them for that responsibility.  Strong foundations, laid in the lives of children, will provide a solid basis for carrying on Great Commission ministry in the decades ahead.

With that in mind, we are pleased to have DiscipleLand as a Great Commission partner in ministry.  We heartily recommend the materials they provide for children's ministry in the local church.


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