VA Plant Criteria
In order to qualify as a Vision America Church Plant, the church must meet the following conditions:

A.    New Plants
1.     Commence Ministry after July 1, 2007
2.     Mission Church IFCA Membership (see criteria below)
B.     Replants
1.     Commenced as “re-plant” after July 1, 2007
2.     A church planting pastor is placed in that ministry
3.     New leadership personnel or structure are introduced through involvement of an IFCA Church Extension agency or partner churches
4.     The church is able to contribute less than 40% of the full cost (salary, benefits, ministry expense) of a resident pastor.
5.   If the church does not already hold organizational membership in IFCA, it applies for and is granted IFCA Mission Church Membership status. 


Any church in the process of being organized and not yet meeting the criteria for organized churches may qualify for special membership status under the following conditions:
1. Is sponsored formally by an official IFCA International Church Extension Agency, an IFCA member organization, an IFCA member church, or the IFCA Regional in which the church is located, or if there is no functioning Regional but the sponsoring churches are churches pastored by IFCA members.

2. Is led officially and directed by a Leader/Pastor who holds active IFCA International individual membership.

4. Agreement with the Doctrinal Statement of IFCA International.

5. Agreement to seek formal IFCA membership as soon as Organized Church membership requirements are met, at which time 501(c)(3) status will be granted under the IFCA International umbrella.

Note: 501 (c)(3) status is not granted by IFCA International to churches with special membership status. A Mission Church’s status with the Internal Revenue Service will be by virtue of its association with its church extension agency and not its association with IFCA International, until such time as regular organizational membership is granted.

A Mission Church with this status shall be entitled to all the benefits of IFCA International membership, except that a Mission Church may send only one male delegate to the Annual Convention of IFCA International. The status of Mission Church shall continue as long as the above requirements are maintained, or until the Mission Church applies for, and is granted, regular organizational membership in IFCA International.