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VOICE Magazine seeks to communicate, encourage, inform, and motivate individuals and church members both within and without our IFCA Fellowship in their commitment to Christ, His Word and the local church.  Its content addresses issues of Christian living, the news of the Fellowship and the potentials of interdependence in our common cause. Each IFCA church is urged to utilize the VOICE magazine to help its people understand the great benefits of being a part of the IFCA International Fellowship.


The purpose of IFCA NEWS Connection  is to inform, encourage and inspire our readers with a monthly vehicle that provides a current snapshot of who and what IFCA International is, and what the fellowship is doing  and where it is moving in the pursuit of Great Commission objectives with the hope that they will be moved to action in the same pursuit.

CHERA MAGAZINE Subscription Service
"Chera" is the Greek word used in the New Testament for "widow." CHERA Fellowship is a quarterly magazine published by IFCA International for those whose spouse has died.  The articles contained in the issues of this magazine are written with the widow/widower in mind and they seek to bring comfort, encouragement and helpful thoughts and suggestions for dealing with the adjustments of life required in their circumstances.
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The IFCA Prayer Network has been established for passing on information regarding matters of immediate and urgent prayer concern when those matters have a compelling interest to the Fellowship at large by the Home Office Staff.  We value the prayer ministry of the people of God and would welcome your participation if you are so inclined.


1.  If you have subscribed to any of the Electronic Publications we strongly suggest that you place the following e-mail address in your list of "contacts" or your "address book" associated with whatever e-mail client you use:

Doing so will help to assure that you receive these publications in your in-box.  Otherwise, they may be put in your spam/junk folder.

2.  If an e-mail address through which you have subscribed to an electronic publication becomes inactive, the system will automatically "bounce" you from the list and will not attempt to send mail to that address again.  You must re-subscribe from an active, working e-mail address to receive further mailings from that list.

3.  Please do not request that IFCA office or Web staff re-subscribe, or change your e-mail address for any electronic e-mail subscriptions.  While it can be done (in extreme circumstances) it is far simpler for you to do it yourself, using the appropriate links on this page.  Than you!


Harvester's Letter Subscription Service


To access HARVESTER'S archives, use the tab on the menu above.

A news and resource publication for those involved and interested in the Harvester's Ministry of IFCA International.

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