Why You Should Attend Regional Meetings & Convention

  Why You Should Attend Regional Meetings & Convention  
There is an old saying, “the world is run by people who show up.” This contains some truth. It certainly is true in our churches.

All of us pastors have had this experience: what seems to be a great man comes to church and he has what seems to be tremendous potential to become a deacon or an elder someday. He has outstanding leadership ability and a wonderful family…but he attends church sporadically, only for Sunday morning worship services maybe twice a month. Will he become a deacon or elder that way? No. 

IFCA International is the same. You can show all the potential for leadership in your Regional or at the national level. But if you only attend your Regional meetings sporadically and hardly ever attend the Annual Convention, your leadership potential in IFCA International will not be utilized and you will become frustrated. “Why don’t they see my potential? Why don’t they use me?” Perhaps the reason is this simple: we don’t really know you because you are hardly ever in attendance. If you don’t show up, we don’t know you well enough to ask you to lead. And all of us lose. 

IFCA International is structured in such a way that we “run the organization” at our Regional meetings and at the Annual Convention. The Regional meetings and Annual Convention are not simply Bible Conferences (like the Moody Pastors Conference, The Shepherds Conference, or a host of other conferences). The IFCA International Annual Convention and the Regionals are where: 
  • we review our cause 
  • we communicate our shared vision 
  • we plan and organize 
  • we decide upon ministry direction 
  • we select leaders

Attend your Regional meetings faithfully. We hope you will do everything you can to attend the Annual Conventions regularly. If you already regularly attend, then we urge you to commit yourself to doing everything possible to make your Regional a better attended, better organized and more excellent group.