Resolutions from each of the years listed below have been compiled into individual documents.  You can download each year separately.  You also have the option of downloading the resolutions for ALL years in one document by using this link.
Cooperative Evangelism
New Evangelicalism
The Word of God
New Evangelicalism
New Evangelicalism
National Council of Churches
Ecumenical Merger & Mission
Affirmation of Faith
Affirmation of Faith
Faith Missions
The Word of God
Reaffirmation of Faith - God is Not Dead
Reaffirmation of Historic Distinctives and Convictions
Resolution on Policy
Resolution on Race
The New English Bible
Good News for Modern Man
Abortion & Euthanasia
Authority of the Scripture
Charismatic Movement
Primacy of the Local Church
Ordination of Women
Biblical Inerrancy
Biblical Separation
Nationhood of Israel
The Family and the Right to Live
The Family and Child Rearing
The Family and Divorce
Equal Rights Amendment
Christian Schools
Readers' Digest Condensed Bible
Affirmation of Faith and Doctrine
Church Membership Renewal Policy
Intoxicating Beverages
Liberation Theology
Cultural Contextualization of Scripture
Bible Translations
Missions Stewardship
Organizational Compatibility
Appointment of Ambassador to Vatican
Abortion and Right to Life
Child Abuse and Biblical Discipline
Removal of Pornography
Christian Leaders' Conduct
Drug Abuse
AIDS-Abstinence-Condoms - Safe Sex
New Age Movement
Voting Privilege
The Homeless
Excellence in Ministry
Missions in Eastern Europe
Churches for All Peoples
Persian Gulf War
Civil Disobedience
States Limiting Abortion
Local Church AIDS Policy
Human Sexuality
National Lottery
Doctrinal Integrity
Signs and Wonders Movement
Civic Involvement
Family Values in Society
Role of Women in the Local Church
Sufficiency of Christ and the Scriptures
Pre-Wrath Rapture Position
Christian Reconstructionism
Fetal Tissue Research
Children's Rights Legislation
Homosexuals in the Armed Services
Homosexuals in Ministry
Inner City Ministry
Power Evangelism
Demonic Warfare
Russian/Ukrainian Window of Opportunity
Literal Six-Twenty-Four Hour Day Creation
Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse
Evangelicals and Catholics Together
Power Politics
Sexual Purity and Training
Promise Keepers
Acts of Malice and Terrorism
Prayer, Repentance and Revival
1996 - Grand Rapids MI
The Cambridge Declaration
Same Sex Marriages
Politically Correct Translations of Scripture
Priority of Missions
Partial Birth Abortion
Maintaining Biblical Standards of Leadership
Religious Freedom Restoration Act
Evangelicals and Catholics Together
Progressive Dispensationalism
Conflict Resolution
Physician Assisted Suicide
Development of Holiness within the Church
Openness of God Controversey
Prayer's Priority
Christians in a Secular Society
Persecuted Believers
Organizational Direction
Today's New International Version
Presidential Support
The Church Age
Support and Affirmation of the Jewish People
The Family
Moral Decay and the Media
Support for President Bush
Sacrilege in Media
Illegal Immigration and the Church
Justification by Faith Alone and the New Perspective on Paul Theology
2008 - Eugene OR
Family Discipleship
Definition of Marriage
Planned Parenthood
Parental Oversight of Education
2009 - Kalamazoo MI
Spiritual Heritage Week
Returned Warriors & Families
Holy & Prudent Pulpit Speech
Military Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy
Human Sexuality
Fiscal Responsibility

2011 - Fort Mitchell KY