2016 Annual Convention Audio

  2016 Annual Convention Audio  

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A Biblical View of Civil Government

7/18/2016 Shaun Lewis   

Church Boards That Really Work

7/18/2016 Earl Brubaker   

Doing a Hospital Call

7/18/2016 Joe Smith   

Have We Left Them Out? Ministry to/with Single Business Women

7/18/2016 Connie Arnett, Miriam Lofquist   

I Finally Wanted What I Got: Learning Contentment in a Discontent World

7/18/2016 Mary Murphy   

Monday Evening Plenary

7/18/2016 Stephen Davey   

Women's Conference #1

7/18/2016 Gracia Burnham   

Women's Conference #2

7/18/2016 Gracia Burnham   

Becoming a Sending Church

7/19/2016 Paul Seger   

Navigating the Ups and Downs of Ministry

7/19/2016 Chris Bauer   

Preparing the Next Generation to Minister to an Increasingly Hostile World

7/19/2016 David Childs   

Real Church vs. Ideal Church

7/19/2016 Les Gwin   

The Battle for Your Mind

7/19/2016 Richard Bargas   

The Decision Making Process in a Local Church

7/19/2016 Joel Tetreau   

The Heart of Biblical Conciliation

7/19/2016 Dan Fredericks   

The Magnificent 7: Preaching and Teaching Formats for All Occasions

7/19/2016 Christopher Cone   

The Pastor as a Theologian

7/19/2016 Gary Gilley   

The Temples Tell the Times

7/19/2016 Richard Schmidt   

Thursday Morning Plenary

7/19/2016 Les Lofquist   

Tuesday Evening Plenary

7/19/2016 Stephen Davey   

Urgent and Efficient Evangelism

7/19/2016 Dan Anderson   

Wednesday Evening Plenary

7/19/2016 Alex Montoya   

Wednesday Morning Plenary

7/19/2016 Jeff Anderson   

Why Are We Here?

7/19/2016 Charles Petitt