Policy for Teaching and Using the Biblical Peacemaking Handbook
According to the Licensing Agreement with Peacemaker Ministries, the territory in which the Biblical Peacemaking handbook can be distributed and used by IFCA International churches and organizations is in the United States and Canada.
IFCA International can sell the Biblical Peacemaking handbook only to individual members or those within member churches, ministries, missions, church extensions organizations, and affiliated organizations.
The Biblical Peacemaking handbook may only be used within the IFCA International fellowship.
Those who successfully complete Peacemaker Ministries’ Certified Christian Conciliator training program and granted a special license by Peacemaker Ministries may teach the Biblical Peacemaking handbook and train others outside of their church or ministry. They may charge expenses, charge a fee, or receive an honorarium. According to Peacemaker Ministries, "The Certification Program is comprised of three sections: Practical Experience, Advanced Training, and the Certification Practicum. All training requirements must be completed within two (2) years of enrollment."
Individual members, or those within member churches, ministries, missions, church extension organizations, and affiliated organizations of IFCA International may teach the Biblical Peacemaking handbook to their own people. No instructor qualifications are required for free "in-house" training such as Sunday school classes, small group Bible studies, discipleship training, and staff workshops.
Permission is granted to use brief illustrative quotations from the Biblical Peacemaking handbook (such as three or four sentences summarizing the "Four Promises of Forgiveness"). Proper attribution for the source of the concepts is required by providing the title, publication information, and our name and Web site, for example:
Reprinted or adapted from Biblical Peacemaking: Responding To Conflicts Biblically, (Revision 9/2002 - 2002). IFCA International (www.ifca.org).
If you wish to reprint substantial portions of the Biblical Peacemaking handbook (such as the Peacemaker’s Pledge or the Slippery Slope diagram), please contact Peacemaker Ministries to obtain written permission to use copyrighted material, which is usually given quite readily.
Policy Adopted 10/25/2002