Director Rob Meyer
The Bible Churches Chaplaincy is the official endorsing agency of IFCA International, with more than 100 endorsed chaplains around the world.
Our chaplains are serving in all branches of the Armed Forces of the United States.  They are also found in the civilian sector, ministering in public safety agencies (law-enforcement, prison, fire and rescue), health care institutions (including the Veterans Administration) and in the business and corporate world.

Rob Meyer was born at home on a small farmstead near Colesburg, Iowa.  Northeast Iowa was home for most of his school years thru the senior year in college at IowaState University.  He majored in sociology and psychology graduating with distinction (in sociology and USAF ROTC).   He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force in 1975.  Given a desire to pursue ministry, Rob transitioned to the USAF Reserves but needed some "real life" experience before entering seminary studies.   He served as a city police officer (Ames, Iowa) and also graduated with distinction from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in 1978.   He met and married Chris, a Registered Nurse, shortly after competing training at the academy.

Given those experiences, Rob sensed the timing was right to begin seminary studies.  He attended Dallas Theological Seminary completing the Master of Theology degree in 1983 majoring in Christian Education.  Following seminary, he taught at Southern Bible Institute in 
Dallas and served three years as senior chaplain at the Evansville (Indiana) Rescue Mission.  During that time, Rob served as pastor-teacher for the Mission chapel and weekly radio program on WGBF.  Working with many veterans through the mission, Rob felt God's call to pursue the military chaplaincy. 

In 1988, Rob entered the Army at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey completing the Chaplain Officers Basic Course in the spring of that year.   After serving more than three years as a battalion chaplain in the 194th Armored Brigade at Fort Knox, Rob was assigned to the 501st Aviation Regiment in Camp Humphries, Korea.  Returning to the states, Rob completed the Chaplain Advanced Course at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey in 1992 and thereafter moved to Fort Hood, Texas.

Serving three years as a battalion chaplain in the First Calvary Division, the Meyer family moved again to Kunia, Hawaii where Rob worked as senior chaplain for the 703rd Military Intelligence Brigade.  This would be his first experience in a "joint" environment with USAF, Navy, Marine and special staff personnel.   In 1999, the Chief of Chaplains selected Rob to attend a year of resident study at the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.   Upon graduation, he returned toFortHood and served as Brigade Chaplain in the First Cavalry Division.  In 2000, he transitioned to Headquarters, III Corps, where he served as the primary "G-3" chaplain planner and trainer for III Corps Unit Ministry Teams. 

From 2005-06, Rob deployed to Iraq and served as senior chaplain in the International Zone and United States Embassy in Baghdad.  He ended his Army chaplain career (2009) as the Deputy Command Chaplain at First Army Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 

His military awards include the Legion of Merit, the National Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Army Meritorious Service Medals, Army Commendation Medals, Army Achievement Medals, National Defense Service Medals, Korean and Iraqi Service medals.

He is the husband of Christine for nearly forty years.  She is a Registered Nurse at Story CountyHospital in Nevada, Iowa.  They are the parents of two children:  Adria, a staff specialist and accountant in Portland, Oregon and Stephanie starting her third year of studies at Iowa State University.  Stephanie is currently enrolled in the Marine Corps ROTC program.
  Interview with BCC Director, Rob Meyer
2010 Audio Recording of an interview with Rob Meyer, Director BCC as he shares perspective and thoughts after one year in that ministry position.