For over 30 years, IFCA has been honing the edge of its international ministry through the establishment of international partnerships and by networking with groups of people and churches of like faith in the far corners of the earth.  As IFCA missionaries plant churches and the national church leaders organize into national fellowships, IFCA is naturally networked with those fellowships.  Beyond that, however, a deliberate effort is constantly underway to develop new contacts in other countries in an attempt to discover groups of independent, Bible-believing churches that hold to the same faith and practice as IFCA.
It is our desire that by so doing, IFCA International may be instrumental in establishing and maintaining relationships of fellowship with such groups to the mutual benefit of both by:
  • Engaging in prayer for one another.
  • Promoting the exchange of information and publications.
  • Encouraging a mutual exchange of representatives and observers.
  • Providing speakers/teachers from the IFCA for other groups when possible.
  • Inviting speakers from other groups to address the IFCA convention when possible.
  • Assisting such groups to develop their own national organization of independent churches.
Due to the politically sensitive climate in some areas of the world, we cannot mention all of the areas where IFCA international partnerships exist. But we are currently partnered on every continent with like-minded brothers and sisters.