Regional Purposes
Underlying the activities and ministry of every IFCA Regional is the need to clearly understand the PURPOSE of the Regional. Without this understanding, and a corresponding commitment to that PURPOSE, a Regional may move in a variety of directions, and may become involved in various activities or ministries.

An IFCA Regional can become involved in some very good pursuits, and yet miss the fulfillment of its primary purpose. So, what is the PURPOSE of an IFCA Regional?

It’s very helpful in this regard to “catch” the spirit of our founding fathers. Observe the following as stated in the Preamble of the IFCA International Constitution: “Whereas, it has always been both an encouragement, and a more effective means whereby to prosecute the work of the Lord, for ministers and congregations to join in a common bond of fellowship, counsel and cooperation, so strengthening one another in the Lord’s work.”

This statement is filled with some very key words of PURPOSE: “encouragement,” “effective means,” “join in a common bond,” “fellowship,” “counsel,” “cooperation,” and “strengthening.” Those words were written in 1930.

The IFCA Statement of Purpose written in 2011, is as follows: “Enhancing the strength of the Church by equipping for, and encouraging toward ministry partnership to achieve Great Commission objectives.” 

Those statements above concern all of IFCA International in general. They are excellent statements for the entire organization. But what about the specific purpose for Regionals?

The PURPOSE of each IFCA Regional might be summarized as:
  • To provide a means of FELLOWSHIP for churches and Christian leaders to be encouraged
  • To provide a source of COUNSEL concerning the Scriptures, the church, and the ministry
  • To provide an avenue of Biblical COOPERATION facilitating the work of the Lord through a network
  • To provide a means of PARTNERSHIP for effective Gospel outreach
Everything that is done by an IFCA Regional should “fit into the grid” of these statements of PURPOSE. For example, in the meetings of a Regional, there will be:
• Several occasions where fellowship is primary; meal times, “free time,” prayer time.
• Some messages or seminars where clear teaching of the Word is foremost, providing guidance and
counsel for pastors and leaders.
• Discussion at the business meetings as to how best we can cooperate in ministries that will bring
growth and strengthening of each church.
• Teaching, discussion, planning and fulfillment which will encourage the work of evangelism and
outreach, in each church, and as a fellowship of churches.