The greatest passion of my life is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ!


I seek to glorify Christ by remaining faithful to the Word of God in an increasingly relativistic culture, where truth is subject to negotiation and redefinition.


I seek to glorify Christ through a personal life of holiness, a family life of love, and a public life of teaching, preaching and leading.


I seek to glorify Christ through sacrificial service to His Church. It is the deepest desire of my heart to serve the Lord as He builds His church worldwide.


I seek to glorify Christ by encouraging those faithful shepherds who are burdened by the cares of ministry in today’s world.


I am profoundly grateful to be able to glorify Christ within the fellowship of IFCA International. As you browse our website, it is my prayer that you will see how you too can glorify Christ in fellowship with us!


As the Editor of IFCA's VOICE magazine, I write an article for each edition that addresses an issue of vital concern for our churches and pastors. I want these articles to be of great practical encouragement and doctrinal enlightenment as well as provide current information on trends and issues that affect the church. 
Below find a collection of these articles written over the past years. They provide a good overview of the issues important to all of us in IFCA International, reflecting our character and concerns, as well as the things important to me as Executive Director.

- The Priority of Prayer
- Not Ashamed of Creation
- Emphasizing Maturity In Churches
- God's Glory Crushes Pride
- Advice for Young Pastors
- Expository Preaching Revisited
- Christ's Premillenial Return
- Passion for Ministry
- Exhausted Yet Invigorated
- Doctrines Related to the Bible
- Perspective in Crisis
- more -

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