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The primary ministry of the Bible Churches Chaplaincy is to encourage young pastors to serve as Armed Forces military chaplains.  The BCC has been very successful in placing highly competitive applicants before the military accessions board.   The applicant must be able to pass a rigorous military physical and have the ministerial skills to compete with other applicants from across the country.  Perhaps you have prior military experience and earnestly desire to serve once again . . . this time as a pastor!   You must be willing to endure the hardships of a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine  . . . to train, toil, and deploy whenever duty calls!   As a military chaplain, you will preach from a pulpit or serve communion from the front of your HUMMER . . Sunday is truly 7 days a week!   You must be able to effectively comfort a Soldier in a foxhole and yet be able to boldly advise the commander of unit morale, problems, ethics, and spiritual fitness!   Bottom to Top . . Top to Bottom!  Perhaps you are that special person God has called as a missionary to the military . . . with all of its unique culture, challenges, and rewards.  If so, contact us today.  Start the journey  . .Now!

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