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BCC Fund

This fund is used for the purpose of supporting the ministry of our Chaplains around the world as they minister the Word and bring encouragement and comfort to those in need in the military and civilian sectors of society.  Gifts are tax deductible.  For more information on the Chaplaincy, contact the Director of Chaplains, Rob Meyer.  
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Stretcher Bearers

All you need to become a vital part of this ministry is to contact us, and a link is provided below for you to do so.  Your email address will be used to send a regular newsletter, and if you can send a gift, we will send chapters of my forthcoming book. “Tales from the Toe Tag Chaplain” to your computer in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Files.  These can be opened and read with a free downloadable reading program.  Those who make a monthly pledge will receive a bound copy for your library shelves.
Absolutely none of the money received will be used for the support of our Chaplains or the Director of Hospital Chaplains.  But the support of our travel expenses, and the development of a Chaplain Candidate School are expenses that we must meet to make this program work.
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