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Member Renewal
PLEASE NOTE: This form MUST be accompanied by PAYMENT OF FEES submitted ONLINE before your membership renewal can be processed. After completing this form go to www.ifca.org/renewalfee to submit those fees. Thank You!
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Do you hereby reaffirm that you are in full agreement with the Articles of Faith of IFCA International and that you are willing to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws, and that you are separated from denominational affiliation (Article VI, Section 2)?:*
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In addition to doctrinal agreement, a willingness to abide by the IFCA Constitution, and separation from denominational affiliation, membership renewal depends on continued adherence to the membership requirements outline by By-Laws Article II.6.b.
IMPORTANT! - PLEASE NOTE: Submission of this form is only the first step of membership renewal. FOR THIS APPLICATION TO BE PROCESSED YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR RENEWAL FEE. After clicking on the submit button below, PLEASE GO TO: www.ifca.org/renewalfee to pay your renewal fee on-line. Thank You!